Easter Party!


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Tudor characters visit The Forbury

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Residents meeting newsletter

21st March 2018

Those Present:

Muriel Palmer, Julian Partridge, Della Squires, Patricia Clarke, Flo, Chris Leeson, Mary Pierrepont, Selina Bohannan, Patricia Green, Norah Gibson, Caroline Childs, Hilda Ashdown-Sharp, Valerie Hands, Daphne Bird, Leokadia Butler.

Gen Bujokiene, Muriel Perks, Natasha Bufton-Davies.

Gen welcomed and thanked everyone for coming to the residents meeting, we had a very good meeting last month and wanted to thank Aurelija Racaityte for typing up February’s newsletter, she did a wonderful job.

Gardening and Dinmore trip

Gen Mentioned that Patricia Green’s daughter would like to join in with the gardening and it would be nice to have some feed back from residents and family. However due to the snow over the past month the ground is still hard, so the project has been delayed until weather improves. The trip to Dinmore has also been delayed due to the weather, but as soon as it improves we will contact community wheels and organise two trips to Dinmore.

Jill Returning

Jill came in last week to say hello to everyone and see is looking forward to coming back to work, fingers crossed she will be returning to us on 2nd April 2018, and we look forward to having her back.

Flower Arranging

Muriel talked about the new activity of flower arranging, residents have all enjoyed arranging the flowers to go around the home in different lounges, Muriel’s plan is to doing flower arranging on Wednesday morning 3 times a month, as the 4th Wednesday of each month is reserved for Holy Communion. Also, if any families bring flowers in, residents can ask staff and they will be more than happy to help arrange the flowers with you.

John and Johnny

Muriel and Gen thanked everyone who attended the project with John and Johnny, on the last session on Tuesday at 2pm we are going to have a little buffet, with some nice drinks and a selection of foods to celebrate how much everyone has enjoyed working with them and the work they have done. Gen and Muriel have asked them to come back once a week to do a new project which might include some photos, they have talked about doing a memory board. Also, John and Johnny want to thank everyone very much they have loved coming to the Forbury and working with all of you.

Courtyard Project

The Turn the beat around project has been delayed now due to the lady running the project being on maternity leave, however they have a new lady starting in September. Will give more information closer to date.


Gen and Muriel are looking around for volunteers, there are loads around Leominster area. The volunteers could take residents out for coffees or just walk around town, anything you wanted. We would like your opinion; would you be happy with having volunteers come and take you out or even just to chat with you. First though Gen mention be a good idea if they come and introduced themselves and got to know you little bit.

Residents Feedback on Landing

Gen asked the residents what their thoughts were on the new carpet and the new stairlift, All the residents said they do like it looks beautiful. They also wanted to thank Marius for doing a good job and making as beautiful as he has. Gen also mention that the lift engineers are coming on Monday will be working on the lift to get it working again, for first few days however will do the same as we have been doing and keep stool inside and for staff to carry their mobile phones on them when inside the lift just in case.


With Easter being two weeks away, Muriel has been going around residents and offering them to make a card to send to their families, asked all the residents attending the meeting and they all said they would like to make a card to send, so in afternoons or morning with Muriel is free she will go round one to one and start making some cards.

Concerns or Worries

If anyone has any concerns to please see Gen at anytime and she will be more than happy to help, applies for residents and families.

Lydia mention about having the Dr come every week, Gen said that we have a nurse practitioner coming every Thursday at 2pm from Westfield surgery her name is Emma. Also, from Marches surgery Caroline or Mel come every Tuesday between 12md and 1pm. If you just let Gen know day in advance that you want to see them she can write your name on the list.

Sending Cards to families

If anyone would like to send a card to their family members due to being unwell or it’s a special occasion then please let us know and we can sort it out for you, can make one or even take you out to buy one from the shop, just let the staff know or Muriel, Gen. Be happy to help you.

Going out to town

Muriel mention that if any of the residents would like to go out to the library or anywhere else in town then all they must do is ask herself or staff and we will do our very best to take you out. Also, if you want to bake something special to let us know and we will try our best.

Activity training for staff

Muriel would like to thank all staff going on many different trainings about activities, and a big thank you to Mr Lutton as he pays for training the staff have, to make sure we provide the best care possible for all the residents.

Residents Comments

Julian mention about Bryn coming to sing for the Easter party and how there is a lot of people that play an instrument or sing and maybe we can look about, see what we can find if suitable for the Forbury, Gen and Muriel both said they will have a look around.

Gen also mention about more trips on Canal, she is waiting for dates and emails from the companies. Muriel said she is also thinking a lot about the trips we go on and about going on some different ones, she is going around different places making sure they are suitable for wheelchairs and meet our needs and will make a list on some new trips. Lydia mention she would like to go to Berrington Hall also Pudleston court Leominster, Muriel and Gen said they would investigate it.

Muriel is also trying to plan some one to one activities for you all as well as the group activities we do, so that staff and Muriel can get to know you all a little better and what things you like and dislike.

Thank you all for coming this afternoon and hope you all have a lovely day.

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Flower arranging

Mike and Flo arranging some spring flowers..


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Residents Newsletter

21st February 2018

Those present: Leokadia Butler, Marjorie Clements, Patricia Green, Julian Partridge, Caroline Childs, Jean Poiner, Mary Pierrepont, Chris Leeson, Della Squires, Muriel Palmer, Edna Bohannan, Norah Gibson, Patricia Clarke, Hilda Ashdown-Sharp, Jean’s son Adrian.

Gen Bujokiene, Muriel Perks, Aurelija Racaityte

Gen welcomed everyone who came to the meeting and announced that from now on ‘Residents meeting’ will be called ‘Residents newsletter’.

Sad news L: Emma Curd said goodbye to Forbury. Gen assured that if Emma will decide to come back to Forbury in the future, she will always be welcome here. Muriel Perks suggested to write a Get well card for Emma which would be signed from all the residents. Muriel Palmer, Lydia, Caroline, Mary, Chris, Della agreed that it would be a great idea.

Residents remembered how they signed a Thank you card for kitchen staff Renina for making delicious cake for Valentine’s day. Gen said that Renina very happy to receive a card and expressed her gratitude for residents.

Good news J: Jill will come back to Forbury as a social activity organizer. Residents are very happy to hear the news and expressed their support for Jill. Muriel Perks suggested to write Get well card for Jill and residents agreed.

Green house: Gen explained that domestic staff Ona will take care of the green house and she will start working on the task in the middle of March. Ona is keen gardener and would like to start as soon as possible but the weather is still very cold, so she has to wait. It was decided that Mrs. Lutton (the owner) will take care of the hanging flower baskets.

John and Johnny Zines project: Muriel Perks asked residents what do they think about the project to which Lydia and Julian replied that they are very happy about the project and John and Johnny seems to be very knowledgeable people. Della said that Johnny is a very interesting guy and she likes his moustache. All residents agreed to continue with the project and said that this project brings everyone together. Muriel Perks explained that the project will last for 5 more weeks on Tuesdays.

Tea Dance project: Rachel would like to bring her project ‘Tea dance’ back to Forbury, this year too. The only difference would be that the students would get involved in the project this time. Project would take place in Grange court (5th of June or 13th of June). Like year before last party would take place in Rachel’s farm on 20th of June. They could take up to 10 residents with as many family members as possible.

Leominster Primary school: this is a new project which involves kids from primary school. To start with just one time, they would come to Forbury to interact with residents and to decorate residents photo frames. Muriel Palmer said it’s a good idea to engage with kids.

Queenswood: The trip would take place in May to watch Bluebells. The number of residents to go would depend on their interest. Lydia, Pat Green, Caroline and Jean are happy to go on the trip. Muriel Palmer said she is interested in going but she has family and friends who can take her there, so she would better give a seat to other resident. Interesting fact: Queenswood got its name from Her Majesty the Queen because she opened the park.

Easter and Eater egg hunt: Muriel Perks thinking of having the small party for Easter also to make decorations for the party. Residents agreed and stated that they would like Rachel Hyde to come and sing. Gen reminded everyone about Easter egg hunt in which all residents with their family members and all staff with their kids and grandchildren’s are more than welcome to participate. Residents are excited about the event. Della said that her great grandchildren would love to join in. Norah expressed her excitement for her family to join in. Chris Leeson, Pat Green, Hilda A. S. said it would be nice to spend some time with all the children who will come.

New challenge: One of the residents Sheila expressed her wish to bake her own bread. Della agreed that fresh baked bread is way better but she wouldn’t like to participate because years ago she used to bake it a lot. Muriel Perks said that she will bake bread with all the residents who are up to the challenge. All residents agreed that freshly baked bread smell is wonderful.

Gallery of Happiness’: Jeanette has been working one to one with residents who are knitting squares which will be joined together. Additional fabric letters will be stitched onto the knitting to make a saying Gallery of Happiness – the newly named front lounge

Valentine ’s Day party: Gen asked residents opinion about the gentlemen Bry who came to play the guitar. Residents said that he was pretty good, they liked the songs and would love to see him again. Mabel’s daughter Julie said that he was one of the best that comes to the Forbury.

Activities: residents like to play with the balloon in the morning. Muriel Perks expressed her gratitude for residents for being active in the game and said that ‘they makes her day wonderful’. She also mentioned that if residents would like to go to the library she is more than happy to help them.

Concerns and questions: If residents or family member have any concerns or questions they can always come Gen or Mr. Lutton, the doors are always open. Also all staff are here to help and make residents days brighter.

BREAKING NEWS new project ‘Turn the Beat Around’: New led music project which would take place after Easter. This would be a 10 week project. Forbury is more than happy to be the part of this project! All the dates and more information will be available later in the following months.

Thank you: Gen and Muriel said thank you to all the residents who came to the meeting and wished everyone to have a good day!!! J J J

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Textile art session

Residents continued knitting squares for a group textile artwork, which will combine fabric and stitch. And also we finished fabric collaged canvases, by adding paint, surprisingly in solid poster paint sticks….you draw with paint, no need for brushes and water. Betty and Paddy helped by supplying ideas for our poster projects. Joining in the session were Marjorie, Gerald, Flo, Pat, Rita, Lydia and Norah. Click on individual photos to enlarge..

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G Fitness – Get Going!

 Lea Pedro is great and gets everyone moving. Lots of laughs and energy!!!

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